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Guiding Documents

MCC of the Rockies has developed a set of guiding documents, which we use as guidelines to tell us where we should be going, and how we should get there. Each of these documents was drafted through a grass-roots process which involved large numbers of participants.

MCCR Mission Statement

Christ calls us to serve others, to grow closer to God, and to build community.

MCCR Faith Statement

As people who come from many different paths and traditions, who embrace spiritual diversity, we lift up the following:

We believe that God is love. We experience God in three ways:

As the Creator of all things. God has made us in God’s image as beloved children. God loves us just as we are, and is our hope in all circumstances.

As Jesus Christ. From Jesus who is both human and divine, we learn how to love both God and our neighbors. Jesus was raised from the dead to show us that God’s love has no end.

As the Holy Spirit. The Spirit makes known God’s love to all people, and empowers us to reveal God to every person. Such love is a gift of grace, understood by faith, available freely to all.

Values Wheel of MCC Rockies

Values Wheel of MCCR


While we respect all faith traditions, we are a Christian church that attempts to follow the teachings and example of Jesus. While we acknowledge the traditions that have formed us, we believe the Spirit is calling us to be a new kind of church, which is constantly growing, learning, and changing. We strive to keep Christ the center of all that we do.


Trust is a value that emphasizes our faith in action. We are acting in trust when we are secure enough in ourselves to take risks and embrace change, through our faith, to grow personally closer to ourselves, each other, and to God.


Generosity comes freely from an appreciation of the many blessings we have received from God. Generosity includes giving time, talent, compassion, and money. Each spring, we ask all members to make a financial pledge to support the work of the church. We also encourage tithing (giving 10% of one’s income) as a spiritual discipline.


We value diversity in our congregation, and celebrate that we are people of different ages, races, sexes, abilities, sexual orientations, theological views, and economic levels. We try to use language in worship that allows everyone to feel included. We believe that we have more to learn from our differences than we have to fear.


We are called to grow in numbers, building community by encouraging fellowship and relationship. We are also called to be a positive part of the greater community outside of our walls. Service to others is a key part of our identity as a church.


Integrity is demonstrated when our actions are centered in principles. When we act from a place of integrity, we understand the “why” behind our decisions. Integrity allows us to be open to and accepting of differing views and beliefs without compromising our values.


Every person has a unique mission and calling from God. We believe in “soaring with your strengths” (using your gifts in service). We also believe that God does not only call clergy to serve, but that all members of MCC have their own ministry to pursue.


Love is the sum total of our other seven values. It is the center of our Values Wheel. We love because God first loved us.

MCCR Covenant of Relationship

God calls us to…

  1. listen to one another before taking action
  2. fulfill our church’s mission through the shared passions of our members and friends
  3. assume good intent without blame or judgment
  4. turn conflict into opportunity through positive resolution
  5. be faithful to our shared commitments
  6. give and receive forgiveness as we grow





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