• Pastor Ben

Trans Love from a Genderless God

As Senior Pastor at one of the most inclusive, and frankly most LGBTQIA+ representative, churches in America, I am sick and angry to read of the Trump Administration's disgusting attempt to wipe out trans-people in the eyes of the government and within the laws that protect them.

All people of faith should be outraged, regardless of how one might feel about or understand the transgender experience. We are defined by our call to love relentlessly, which means that we are accountable to freely give to people the power they need to live. And, yet, many who support this Administration - who call themselves Christians - will sit idly by, while the rights and humanity of our fellow brothers and sisters are gleefully snuffed out.

It is not right. It is evil! God is watching.

To all my trans-brothers and trans-sisters, by the mere fact that you exist, you are the delightful, beloved creations of God. The soul that dwells within you, regardless of its present vessel, is whole and it is meant to dance with joy and freedom. Freedom from hate, freedom from ignorance, and the freedom to be true to itself.

Surely, the coming days will bring you much distress and violence. You are not alone. My Christian community stands with you, my Metropolitan Community Church (denomination) stands with you, and my God stands with you. You shall not be defeated. You shall not be erased. You exist!

Because, it is correct. It is good! God is watching.

With all my love,

Pastor Ben

MCC of the Rockies

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